Getting Started

Is it dangerous?
What should I wear?
How fit do I need to be?
Can anyone learn to climb?
Do I need to start indoors?
Do I need a lot of upper body strength?
Are auto-belays safe?
What are the "rules" of top-roping?
What are the "rules" of bouldering?
How do I learn to belay?
How do I tie-in?
When bouldering, how do I fall safely?
What's some basic climbing technique?
What are V-grades?
What is the Yosemite Decimal System?

Do you have a checklist of items I should bring to the crag?
What's the difference between an onsight, redpoint, and flash?
Is it okay to play music at the crag?
Is it okay to bring my dog to the crag?
How do I clean a bolted anchor?
How do I coil a climbing rope?
Should I lower or rappel from the anchor?

How much should my shoes hurt?
How tight should my shoes be?
Do my shoes need to be resoled?
What's the advantage of downturned shoes?
What's the advantage of asymmetrical shoes?
How can I keep my shoes from smelling?
Should I prefer velcro, lace-up, or slipper shoes?
How can I keep my shoes safe while resting my feet on a multi-pitch?
What shoes are good for crack climbing?
Does resoling change the feel of the shoe?
How many times can I resole my shoe?
Do I need to buy approach shoes?
The Lead Test

How good do I need to be to lead climb?
What are the gym employees going to ask me on my lead test?
What if I screw up?
How do I avoid putting my foot in front of the rope?
Should I practice falling?

How can I rappel with a Gri-Gri?
What do I do if I forget or drop my rappel device?
How should I join two ropes for rappel?
Trad Climbing

What's the best spring-loaded camming device?
How do I make an alpine draw?
What biner should I use to rack nuts?
How do I rack long slings?

What do I need to start sport climbing outside?
What kind of quickdraws should I buy?
How do I mark the middle of my rope?
How do I cut a rope?

Should we carry walkie-talkies?
What's a good rope signal system?
How do I top belay?
Advanced Multi-Pitch

What diameter pull-cord should I use?
Big Walls

How do I aid on rivets?
Sport Climbing

How do I bail on a sport route?
I have two bolts to make an anchor. Is it okay to just use quickdraws?

Is there a difference between free climbing and free-soloing?
What's a headpoint?
I dropped something. Do I need to retire it?
Will taking falls on a rope wear it out?
What's the hardest climb in the world?
Am I worrying too much?
How do I make a chest harness?

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