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Are auto-belays safe?

Some of the very first auto-belay systems had safety concerns and recalls, but we can't find a single report online of a currently sold auto-belay system failing.

The most common accident related to auto-belays is one of pilot error, where the climber either forgets to clip into the system or improperly rigs the safety rope onto a gear loop instead of a belay loop.

When climbing on the auto-belay, it's important to perform a safety check:

  1. Make sure your harness is properly adjusted and secured.

  2. Make sure you clip into the auto-belay, using the procedure your gym describes.

  3. Make sure the auto-belay takes slack and returns it slowly against your pull.

These steps should virtually guarantee that you're safe using the auto-belay. Additionally, while climbing, don't pull on the cable or ribbon while climbing as this will generate undesirable slack in the system.


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