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How do I tie-in?

Most gyms require that you tie-in as a climber using the figure-8 follow through. This knot is also known as the "rewoven figure-8" or the "trace-8". It's the most common knot used in climbing. It's simple to tie, simple to inspect, and very reliable.

  1. Begin by tying a simple figure-8 knot about 1 meter (3.5ft) from the end of the rope.

  2. Thread the end of the rope upwards through the tie-in loops on your harness.

  3. Follow or retrace the figure-8 knot you made in Step 1 using the free end of the rope, starting from the end of the knot closest to your belay loop.

  4. Ensure that at least 10cm (4 in) of tail remains.

Gyms in the United States often require a barrel knot to be made as a "safety knot" with the excess tail.

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