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How tight should my shoes be?

Here's a good litmus test to see if a new pair of shoes is too tight:

  1. Find a pair of shoes to try on.

  2. Sit and put them on.

  3. Without moving, keep them on your feet for five minutes.

4a. Now, if you feel acute pain or simply can't tolerate them any longer, size up and go to Step 1.

4b. If they're uncomfortable but you can still walk around for a while, they're a fit.

4c. If they feel fine, like you could wear them to the movies, size down.

Your shoes don't need to be painful. Wearing your boots too tight will just cause problems with your feet, especially if you're young and still developing.


Not all shoes will fit all people. Just because your favorite sponsored climber wears it, doesn't mean it's for you.

Adjust your shoe to your climbing. If you're climbing in the gym, use a softer and more forgiving shoe. Use a stiffer shoe outside, where the footholds often get smaller.

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