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Is it dangerous?

Risk is a serious concern for all rock climbers. It's something we talk about and worry about all the time.

If you're getting starting in the gym the likelihood of getting seriously injured is very low in relation to other physical activities. If you act responsibly, follow directions, and use common sense, there's nothing to worry about indoors.

The safety of gym clientele is paramount to facility owners and their insurance providers, and—generally speaking—stringent policies are followed to prevent any accident. While serious injuries can occur, more common injuries include sprained ankles, foot fractures, and finger tendon ruptures. These typically occur while bouldering. Tendonitis and other over-use conditions may also develop.


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In case you avoid any accidents. Although serious injuries are possible in a variety of ways, the most common injuries are foot fractures, ankle sprains and ruptures of finger tendon. They are most often seen while climbing. you should knowledge about lakes and mountains maps so that way you know where to go. You should take a map with you when you get there. For more knowledge visit our official website.
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