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What's some basic climbing technique?

For new climbers, there are are a few basic tips that can help develop your abilities on the wall.

  • Pay attention to what your feet are doing. Look carefully at how you're placing that sticky rubber sole on the wall and don't look away until your foot is in exactly the spot you want it to be. Power comes from your toes, so try to place the tip of your shoe on the hold rather than the side. This will also give you increased mobility in order to pivot your stance.

  • To conserve energy, keep your hands and arms as relaxed as possible. Try to hang your weight on one arm at a time, keeping the arm straight, and alternating arms every 5-10 seconds. Try very hard not to hang on both arms at once. Doing so might feel more secure, but it prevents your arms from recovering energy and is actually much more strenuous.

  • If you need to reach with your right hand, twist your right hip into the wall. And vice versa for the left hand. Try to keep your opposite arm straight and, rather than pulling, and use your hips and legs to push upwards.


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