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What shoes are good for crack climbing?

First off, use a flat-lasted shoe; downturned shoes will hurt.

For hand, fist, and wide cracks, consider the La Sportiva TC Pro or the evolv Astroman.

For smaller cracks, try any within the Five Ten Anasazi line, including the famous "Pinks" and Moccasym. If those don't fit, try the Katana Lace.

For all-around versatility, try the Scarpa Techno X and La Sportiva Miuras.

For luxurious comfort, try La Sportiva Mythos.

When climbing on granite, edging performance is important as there are often small footholds outside the crack to use. Use a stiffer shoe with thicker rubber, like the TC Pros.

For splitter crack climbing, as in Indian Creek, edging performance doesn't matter as much as having soft and thin rubber that can squeeze into and conform to the profile of a thin crack.

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