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What should I wear?

Wear loose clothes, or clothes that stretch. T-shirts are fine. Stretchy pants (most outdoor stores carry them) and gym shorts are popular among guys. Yoga pants or capris are popular among gals.

Socks are optional and more often used when renting shoes.


Hello good afternoon friends, I am currently a web editor, so occasionally I am writing articles about social networks, seo writing, computing, technology, health, entertainment and sports, just a few days ago we had to talk about the clothing that people should have every time that they are going to do sports either in the gym, at home, or somewhere outdoors, for women lycra is essential, it is also recommended to wear long-sleeved flannels so as not to receive sunburn, and the most important thing is have some sports shoes with a thick sole so as not to have strong impacts when stepping, jogging or running, I hope this information helps you, greetings to everyone on this blog

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